Banning Lewis Academy Wins Five 2023 Accely Awards

Congratulations to Banning Lewis Academy for winning five Accely awards at the annual leadership summit held this July. The school was recognized for outstanding student attendance, teacher retention, and academic performance. 

Recognizing the hard work and success of our schools and school leaders is an important tradition at ACCEL Schools. While schools across the country are still recovering from challenges related to the pandemic, we have seen a surge in success from schools serving historically underrecognized communities. 

“We are mission driven to make quality education available to all children regardless of geographic location or life circumstances,” said ACCEL Schools CEO Ron Packard who presented the awards on July 17. “It is an honor to recognize the staff and leadership who are putting ACCEL’s ideals into action and creating positive change in the lives of the students and communities who need it most.” 

Banning Lewis Academy received the following 2023 ACCELY awards: 

Outstanding Student Attendance 
Banning Lewis was one of 10 schools across the ACCEL network that achieved an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) of 92% or higher – no small feat in a year where schools nationwide reported high rates of pandemic-related absenteeism. 

Outstanding Growth in Reading & Outstanding Growth in Math 
Testing over 1,500 students, Banning Lewis received high marks for excellence in reading and math—making it one of the top scoring schools in Colorado and a shining star of academic achievement in the ACCEL Schools network. 

Outstanding Teacher Retention 
Despite an ongoing shortage of teachers nationwide, Banning was one of 12 schools recognized for creating a thriving workplace that retains talented and engaged teachers. 

Gold School Award 
The Gold School Award recognizes the highest achieving schools in the ACCEL network. This prestigious award went to 10 schools in 2023 that demonstrated strong academic outcomes as well as positive enrollment growth. Banning Lewis Academy’s strong test scores place it in the highest bracket of schools in the state of Colorado.  

Congratulations to every member of our Banning Lewis community for contributing to our success in 2023. We are honored to accept these Accely awards on behalf of our entire team and look forward to another extraordinary school year. 

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