Award-Winning & Accredited Academic Program

Performance-Rated by CDE, Winner of the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award, Accredited by Cognia™ and more!

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Award-Winning & Accredited Academic Program

Performance-Rated by CDE, Winner of the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award, Accredited by Cognia™ and more!

K-12 Academic Overview

At Banning Lewis Academy, we teach a rigorous and content-rich curriculum where the Humanities merge with High-Tech to offer a world class education. Our program combines a rigorous education with the practical technology training required for college and career readiness. Our program integrates character education beginning in Kindergarten all the way through High School. By Middle School, specialty subjects increase with opportunities such as online courses, experiential and enrichment programming, and the Concurrent Enrollment program. Each student receives a well-rounded education that is individualized to their achievement and customized to their interests.

High School, 9-12

Our High School program is customizable to each student individually. Students can pace the work across four years, or through advanced coursework such as the Concurrent Enrollment program, can accelerate through the program quickly to graduate early or dedicate their upperclassmen years to earning college credit at little expense. We are proud to offer a wide range of courses in our catalog including online courses & more.

Graduation Requirements

Coursework requirements for graduation are based on the number of units of credits earned in grades 9 through 12. A unit of .5 credit is typically the credit received for a one-semester course. A minimum of 25 units of credit shall be required for graduation from high school. Specific requirements may be waived with approval from the principal. Appeals will be directed to the BLPA Board of Directors. Read more about graduation requirements and course information.


Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone project provides Seniors with the opportunity to engage in an experience that prepares them for their future and aligns with college and career readiness and pathways exploration. Students will use the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their high school courses to present their research. The Senior Capstone Project consists of four requirements:

  • Job Shadowing
  • Research Paper
  • Visual Aid
  • Presentation

Rising senior students will be assigned a Senior Capstone Advisor during the Spring semester before their senior year. Students may begin the Job Shadowing requirement during the summer before their senior year, provided that their professional contact is approved by their advisor before the end of the spring semester.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment provides on- and off-campus college courses for transfer to 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, as well as hands-on career and technical training through the Career Start Program. Students in Grades 9-12 can earn free college credits and weighted high school grades. In most cases, students earn two semesters of high school credit for each one-semester college course.

This is a hugely popular program with our high school students who want to get a jump on higher education and avoid student loan debt. Concurrent Enrollment students will earn over 1,000 college credits through Pikes Peak Community College during the 2020-2021 school year!

CE Courses offered on the BLPA campus:

  • ENG 121 English Composition I (Fall and Spring)
  • ENG 122 English Composition II (Fall)
  • PSY 101 Intro to Psychology (Fall)
  • COM 115 Public Speaking (Fall)
  • HIS 236 US History 1945 to Present (Spring)
  • LIT 115 Intro to Literature (Spring)
  • PHI 112 Ethics (Spring)

LEAD the Herd

Every student has dedicated time built into their school day to focus on Character Education and Social Emotional Learning. The theme of this learning is LEAD:

  • Live Safely
  • Engage with Respect
  • Act with Kindness
  • Demonstrate Responsibility.

Students are given clear expectations for behavior and the tools they need to be socially and emotionally successful throughout their time as a Stallion. BLA provides positive incentive for students and teachers expressing these character traits to celebrate students who LEAD the Herd.


We offer an extended school day and academic year to allow for true mastery rather than cursory coverage of the curriculum.


Our content-rich curriculum converges high tech with the humanities, combining the rigors of a classical education with the relevance required by contemporary culture. Our interdisciplinary program instills in students a captivating conceptual understanding and chronological picture of history, as well as an awareness of the interrelationships between different domains of knowledge.


To master true computer literacy, students require hands-on access to computers as a tool for authentic learning. Banning Lewis Academy equips each classroom with a computer for every three children, and provides a laptop for each teacher and administrator.


The barometers that gauge Banning Lewis Academy’s success include higher student standardized test scores, marked progress in the quality of performance-based assessments, improved student attendance, and retention as well as enhanced motivation, satisfaction, and morale on the part of students, teachers, and parents.


Banning Lewis Academy hires, trains, and is committed to retaining star teachers and talented leaders in educational management. All teachers are highly qualified, experienced individuals who have a strong sense of purpose, and a willingness to challenge themselves as lifelong learners, just as they would challenge their students. They compel all students to excel by concentrating on engagement and upholding high standards.


Because every child needs stability, continuity and a champion who believes in their potential, Banning Lewis Academy works to foster a close connection between home and school. Specifically, Banning Lewis Academy works with parents to improve attendance, assist with homework, and intercede when necessary.

Recent News

Special Education

Banning Lewis Academy partners with District 49 special education services under an insured model. We serve over 70 students on our k-12 campus with Individual Education Plans. We are proud to partner with families to meet the needs of diverse learners though individualized instruction and itinerant services.